Red or Blue

Red or Blue? New Political Game for Apple Watch and iPhone

Introducing Red or Blue – The Political Quiz game for iPhone and Apple Watch

I’ve always wanted to have a game about politics for my iPhone (and now my Apple Watch!). Something I can mess with when I have a few free minutes. So, the idea came to me one day. What about a simple Yes or No game where you see a comment made by a politician and have to guess whether it was a republican or democrat. Hence Red or Blue.

The game is going to be tricky. We’ll do our best to get a good collection of quotes, many of which many not be obvious at first. At the end of the game, you’ll get to compare your scores to those of your Facebook and Twitter friends to see who leads the pack!

For now, we are gathering names and emails of those who might be interested in this game. You can sign up here:

You can also play a mini version of the game for the web here:

Based on the reactions we receive, the game could be formally published in the next month or so. Stay tuned!